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Название песни: Dead Bite

Исполнитель: Hollywood Undead

Длина файла: 03:38

Дата добавления: 2014-10-06

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Текст песни целиком:

Good night
Sleep tight
Dont let the dead bite

Johnny 3 and he's dipping in the 4-door
.44 and its pointing at your window
(?) good shot, here come four more
getting hot so I (?) (squawk)

Get it down made wicked
Made from these wicked things
See the dead on the cover of a magazine
See my smile, it was born from amphetamines
Better duck, cause its war on my enemies

Oh god I think I lost it oh no
Lost someone, and watch the rest go
I'm mad men when I'm mixed with soco (slang for southern comfort)
And who woulda thought I made the (?) solo

Now who wants to die from the (?) first shotty
Putting holes in the hotel lobby
All you fake bitches are just another hobby
And now that you did, where I dump your body?

What would you do if I told you I hate you?
What would you do if you latched onto mine(?)?
What would you say if I told you I hate you?
I got something that'll blow your mind.

You know I got a grenade
And its got your name on it
Imma spit on your grave
And engrave a dick on it
People say I'm insane
And to put the brakes on it
Let me buy you a drink
How bout a roophie, gin and tonic?

Yeah Charlie Scene seems to be so hated
Its just me being intoxicated
Cause being sober's so overrated
Hollywood Undead, what have you created?

I know that we have never really met before
But tell me does this rag smell like chloroform?
You know that I'm the reason people lock the doors
But I got nothing but time, so Imma wait on the porch

You got nowhere to run to
So don't try hiding
Cause (?)
Like (?) from the Shining.
Yeah I'm breaking your door down.
So don't try fighting
Yeah you gotta keep em fed, or the dead keep biting


Good night
Sleep Tight
Don't let the dead bite
wrap all up (?) around your head
and watch you as you take flight

You better check twice look under your bed
Turn on your night light and cover up your head
Cause we do exist and there's no need to pretend
That you're not afraid of meeting the undead

(??) when you look into these (? eyes)
say goodnight cause its almost your bed time
buckle up cause its time to fly
you bought a first class ticket to Columbian neck ties

Take a seat, you can sit in the front row
The voice in your head is just me in your headphones
Everybody knows that we're the devil's heroes.
Come and ticket and follow me to the creep show.


Good night
Sleep Tight
Don't let the dead bite
wrap all up (?) around your head
and watch you as you take flight

Hollywood Undead "Dead Bite" (Official Lyric Video)
Hollywood Undead - Dead Bite
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