В.Добрынин Ах,какая женщина !My favorite song.

ах какая женщина песня Offer you my favorite song " Ah , what woman " by group Freestyl Russian

In a noisy hall of restaurant
among fun and deception
the escape of lonely poet.
You are on the table opposite me
sitting half-turned on
in the beam of night lights.
It's happened so suddenly
that words broke from my lips
make me feel intoxicated.
" Ah what woman, what woman.
I wish to have such.
Ah what woman, what woman.
I wish to have such."
I can't feel the floor under me
between the sky and Earth
in have a dream to dance with you.
The perfume aroma attracts
intoxicates and stupefies me .
With such a pleasure I sank in it.
Our bodies are so close to each other.
And crazy words
Without shame I whispered to you.
Ah what woman, what woman.
I wish to have such.
Ah what woman, what woman.
I wish to have such.
I know that you will leave with another man
who crazy about you.
It wouldn't be me who go home with you.
My hart burn stronger that fire.
You are not mine
but why I am so jealous.
Just wondering how much vine I need
to vanish you from my memory
and forget my crazy dream.
Ah, what woman , what woman.
I wish to have such.
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Название песни: Ах,какая женщина !(My favorite song.)

Исполнитель: В.Добрынин

Длина файла: 04:29

Дата добавления: 2015-03-07

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В.Добрынин - Ах,какая женщина !(My favorite song.)
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