The Charmed Ones powers ~ (Prue, Piper, Phoebe & Paige) ~ Poderes de las Embrujadas


Prue Halliwell 1.1 Telekinesis → The ability to move objects as well as individuals with the mind. 1.2 Telematerialization → The ability to teleport liquid with the power of your mind. 1.3 Deviation → The ability to deflect the energies (usually attacks) of other magical beings. 1.4 Agility → The ability to move quickly and easily from one motion to another. 1.5 Advanced telekinesis → The ability to move multiple and heavy objects at the same time and move them over great distances. Advanced Telekinesis can also be used to generate a wave of telekinetic energy, capable of causing great destruction and causing objects to explode by putting huge amounts of pressure on them. (She uses this power in season 9) 2. Astral Projection → The ability to project one's consciousness into an astral form outside the body. (She doesn't use this power in season 9) -Powers as the Guardian of the Nexus of de All- (In seaosn 9) (Prue gains this power when she absorbed the Empyreal Sword and the Grimoire into herself, and she became the caretaker to the connection between The Heavens, Earth, and The Underworld) 1. Reality Warping → The ability to change or manipulate reality and the world, itself to various degrees. Piper Halliwell 1. Molecular immobilization → The ability to slow down molecules to the point that they freeze. 2.1 Molecular combustion → The ability to speed up molecules to the point that they explode. 2.2 Molecular acceleration → The ability to reverberate molecules at a speed which causes them to rapidly heat up and sometimes become disordered; this can often result in either melting or ignition. (She gains this power in season 9) Phoebe Halliwell 1.1 Premonition → The ability to see and experience events from the past, present, and future. 1.2 Astral premonition → The ability to receive visions of the future while simultaneously astral projecting into said future. 1.3 Psychic echos → The ability to create a psychic link with other psychics. 1.4 Sharing visions → The ability to share visions with other psychics by holding hands, palm to palm. 2. Levitation → The ability to propel oneself into the air and hover. She can also extend her levitation power to levitate other people and objects when in physical contact with them. Also, while levitating she can kick an enemy over a distance of several feet. 3.1 Empathy → The ability to feel, sense and understand other people's feelings and emotions. 3.2 Power channeling → The ability to channel and take control of the magical powers of other beings once and only if they are activated by the original user. 3.3 Power replication → The ability to channel and replicate the powers of other magical beings within close proximity. 3.4 Advanced empathy → The ability to reflect emotions and/or memories back onto a person or onto another being. (She gains this power in season 9) Paige Matthews 1.1 Telekinetic orbing → The ability to transport objects from one location to another with orbs. 1.2 Remote orbing → The ability to orb objects or other people from one place to another very distant place. 2. Orb shield → The ability to create barriers or spheres from orbs that can protect anyone within, by deflecting or absorbing magical attacks and repelling enemies. (She gains this power in season 9) -Whitelighter powers- 1. Orbing → The ability to teleport oneself from one place to another with the use of orbs 2. Glamouring → The ability to change one's appearance into the form of another. 3. Healing → The ability to heal the injuries and wounds of others. 4. Sensing → The ability to locate charges. 5. Hovering → The ability to rise a few feet in the air with or without the use of orbs. 6. Photokinesis → The ability of create and manipulating light. 7. Omnilingualism → The ability to understand, speak, and read any language that her charges speak, without training in it.

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