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инструментальная музыка mp3 музыка : Из м -- Инструментальная музыка
Хореограф: Молдаванова Аня
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Название песни: Инструментальная музыка...

Исполнитель: (Из м/ф Спирит)

Длина файла: 02:41

Дата добавления: 2015-01-21

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Right now I feel - just like a leaf on a breeze
Who knows where it's blowin'
Who knows where it's goin'
I find myself somewhere I - I never thought I'd be
Going round in circles
Thinking about you and me
How do I expalin it when I don't know what to say
What do I do now - so much has changed

Nothing I have ever known - has made me feel this way
Nothing I have ever seen - has made me want to stay
but here I am - ready for you
I'm turnin', I'm fallin' - I hear my home callin'
Hey - I've never felt somethin's so strong - oh no
I'ts like nothing I've ever known

Now you're the one I'm looking for
You're the one I need
You're the one that gives me - a reason to believe
Following a star - has lead to where you are
It feels so stong now - this can't be wrong now

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