Travis Porter Bring It Back

travis porter bring it back скачать whats up everybody, just had to come thru n drop off another track off the new mixtape, Ain't Nobody's Beat Safe part 2,its a remix of that travis porters bring it back, with his verse, and me,loved the song, so i just had to do a remix to it, thanks again for all of ya'll time again, and i hope that i can continue to entertain you all -

Название песни: Bring It Back

Исполнитель: Travis Porter

Длина файла: 03:37

Дата добавления: 2014-11-09

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Run it in that pussy like a crash dummy
Bend it over, touch ya toes
Shake that ass for me
Bounce that ass on the flo', bring it back up
Do a split on the dick, shawty act up
Now bring it back (8x)
You can act (7x)
Act a fool, Bring it back

(Verse 1 - Strap)
Shawty go hard, concrete
She can shake her ass, one cheek, two cheeks
Both cheeks, both cheeks
I got a white girl freak she got no cheeks
Got a police bitch on a short leash
She gotta good mouth; like she got no teeth
She a slut, she a dog, she a bitch with it
Magic City where she work, she super thick with it
Have them hoes throwin salt
Tell the bitch get it
Started playin with her pussy
Tell the bitch split it
Pop that pussy, I just wanna fuck you
If you ain't with it, you cute but shawty fuck you


(Verse 2 - Quez)
Back that ass up like a dump truck
If you havin fun in the club, throw ya pumps up
All my ballas in the building throw ya 1s up
If you ain't throwin no money then get ya funds up
I asked her whats her name and she said her name Nicki
With a real big booty and some real big titties
Say she don't really come out to the city
Cuz she a country girl and she like to get busy
She got a good job and she say she 24
I said "Ok" then shawty hit the flo'
And I was like "whoa"
Then I threw some 1s just to let shawty know
Just to let shawty that Ima


(Verse 3 - Ali)
Bring that ass back like you left some
Shawty so hot she can melt some
Feel like I wanna smack her with a belt or some
So I told her come here so I can tell her some
I wanna see ya big booty on my upper leg
While I throw a couple dollars at ya upper head
How bout you and ya friends just give me double head
and at breakfast time she gave me supper head
And that's a great feeling
And I fuck with her because she so willing
To do whatever that I tell her
So I broke her down and this is what I tell her


bring it back remix-travis porter ft. lil pooh
Travis Porter - Bring It Back
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