Nathaniel Dawkins Неоспоримый 3 Bring it on

неоспоримый 3 музыка фильма The music used in Undisputed 2. No fancy stuff, just an image and the music! Don't mind the image at the end lol.

For those who've been searching for the song here's a link to it-

Song name-"Bring it on" by Nathanien Dawkins


update-I got a link for users who can't use megaupload!

Update-Seriously, and I'm not joking around here-how can people POSSIBLEY-no..seriously....- DO NOT know the title of this song?! There is a reason why videos require a TITLE and DESCRIPTION! -

Название песни: Bring it on

Исполнитель: Nathaniel Dawkins (Неоспоримый 3)

Длина файла: 03:34

Дата добавления: 2016-04-13

Текст просмотрен: 420

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Текст песни целиком:

I move weight like a freight truck, build the muscle
You can't escape your fate,we ain't scared to tussle
I put the pressure on your offense,you can't advance
I'm a pro. hit the bench, bro, you had your chance
Do that dance in the end zone and hone my skill
If I don't take if all the way, no one will
Get back,you outta line, you outta your mind
You outta time keep searching, brotha
How do you find another man
As efficient as this machine I am?
I was born immortal, to be the king of the sport, a portal
Just follow me to the next dimension
You get lifted like these plates I'm benchin
Go ahead, put your two cents in
Your worries are worthless
Takes a strong-like mind to understand my purpose
It's to shine more bright than sunlight
I'm the storm at night
Bring it on, if you ready to fight

Bring it on
Do you accept the challenge?
Bring it on
I'm-a test your balance
Bring it on
You can't stand the violence
So put your tail between your legs and leave in silence
Bring it on
You can't handle the heat
Bring it on
This cannibal is hungry for meat
Bring it on
And I'm ready to eat, so if you're scared
Get outta here before you get beat
Bring it on
Yeah, the heat is on

You better get your best to the plate or it be the gong
Calculate the magnitude of the situation you're facing
No time for pacin', there's no time for wastin'
What, you thought it would be a cake walk?.....

Undisputed 2 Bring it on
Nathaniel Dawkins (Неоспоримый 3) - Bring it on
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