Far East Movement feat. Riff Raff The Illest

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Sub wub wub Maker Music premieres the latest video from Far East Movement ft. Riff Raff. We're currently playing the track "The Illest" on repeat, and we just can't get enough of it. This is for sure one of the most epic collaborations between Musicians, Rappers, YouTubers & Icons that has ever hit The Internet. Be sure to check out FM's channel at for more music.


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Far East Movement

Riff Raff

Lil Deb

Nice Peter


Steve Greene

Patrick "Pontiff" Pope

Peter Gilroy


Alex Farnham

George Watsky



Jeffree Star


Director: Mike Clattenburg

Executive Producer: Brian Lee & Alysia Russo
Producer: Malika Moro
Production Coordinator: EB Krawczyk
1st AD: Nick Troop
2nd AD: K.C. Lauf
PA: Yev Belilovskiy

Director of Photography: Andrew Kurchinski
Gaffer: Ronnie Gotch
1st AC: Timothy Farmer
Steadicam Op: David Shawl
DIT: Erick Wilczynski
Grips: Jay Tauzin
Rocky Romines
Ryan Hueter
Michael Surh
Andres Delsol

Editor: Rouzbeh HeyDari
Post by RedLab Digital
Colourist: Walt Biljan
Online: Adam Gagnon
Post Producer: Karen Kershaw

Production Designer: Drew Cookson
Art Director: Kai Boydell
Art PA: Cody Pike
Art PA: Remington Bremmer

Costume Designer - Amanda Hosler
Costume Assistant - Wendy Garcia

Makeup Artist: Brittany White

Choreographer: Free Crawford

Special Thanks to LA Center Studios.

The Illest - Far East Movement ft Riff Raff - Music Video -

Название песни: The Illest

Исполнитель: Far East Movement feat. Riff Raff

Длина файла: 03:39

Дата добавления: 2015-03-21

Текст просмотрен: 390

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"The Illest" - Far East Movement ft Riff Raff - OFFICIAL Music Video
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