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This week Chris Liebing welcomes Audio Injection back on the CLR Podcast. David Flores, the man behind this moniker is actually one of the most prolific characters in the North American Techno scene.

Apart from Audio Injection he also creates cutting edge electronic music under the name Truncate, focussing on the deeper, more raw side of Techno. Being associated with the L.A. based event production group Droid Behavior since 2003, you can find him as a resident at the infamous Interface warehouse events as well as a regular producer for Droid Recordings.

Over the years his music has gained worldwide attention and has made it onto the playlists of many big players, which eventually led him to gigs at some of the worlds biggest clubs including Berghain in Berlin and Fabric in London.

He is also now regularly touring all over the world in Australia, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Central & South America, all throughout Europe and the U.S.A. Chris Liebing is one of the most faithful supporters of his music and has mentioned on various occasions that the amount of Audio Injection and Truncate tracks in his sets often sums up to almost a quarter of his entire gig.

We are very happy to present you a brand-new two hour studio mix by this highly influential Californian Techno ambassador, which gives you a good idea of the much hailed Audio Injection and Truncate sound.

Tracks we know

[000] ?
[006] Floorplan - Eclipse
[009] ?
[021] Developer - Fourty Four
[024] ?
[031] Clouds - Terrorcore
[035] Takaaki Itoh - Dozer
[040] Tom Hades - Horse Ray Kajioka Wild Meat Mix
[044] Rolando - We Will
[049] Ed Davenport Pres. Inland - Solstice Lost
[054] Damon Wild & Tim Taylor - Bang The Acid (Rebanged Echoplex Remix
[057] ?
[076] Adam Jay & DJ Shiva - Impossibilities Mattias Fridell Remix
[079] ?
[093] Stone Owl - Chemtrails Audio Injection Remix
[096] ?
[112] Ø [Phase] - Perplexed
[114] Rebekah - Asymmetric
[117] Mark Broom - Afterlife
[120] DJ Bone - Change


Название песни: CLR Podcast 021

Исполнитель: Alex Bau

Длина файла: 01:01:28

Дата добавления: 2014-11-03

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Текст песни целиком:

CLR Podcast 021 - Alex Bau


01. Alex Bau - "Shakalak (Shake the Disease Mix)" (Sino)
02. Kaiserdisco - "Espandrillo" (MBF)
03. Kapuchon & Benny Rodriguez - "The Finger (Radio Slave Remix)" (Spinclub)
04. D-Nox & Beckers - "Cala a Boca" (Sprout)
05. Pfirter - "Mi Auto" (Stockholm Ltd)
06. Side B - "Corn Panic" (unrel.)
07. Umek - "Destructibel Environment" (Sixteenofive)
08. Secret Cinema - "Timeless Altitude 2009" (unrel.)
09. Alex Bau - "End of the Bleep (never coming out Chordmix)"
10. Secret Cinema - "Reaktivator" (unrel.)
11. Loop from Kraftwerks "Tour de France Etape 2"
12. Pig & Dan - "Heat" (Yoshitoshi)
13. Loop from Radio Slaves Grindhouse Tools Danton Eprom Remix
14. Edit Select - "Consumed (Edit Select Remix)" (Edit Select)
15. Dusty Kid - "Train No. 2" (Boxer)

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Alex Bau - CLR Podcast  021
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