Accept Flash Rockin' Man 1982

accept 1982 Another one take cover by a beloved band..hope you like it!!

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Название песни: Flash Rockin' Man (1982)

Исполнитель: Accept

Длина файла: 04:28

Дата добавления: 2014-10-22

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They all know your name
They know you're a star
You've been around for ever
And you know who you are

They buy all your records
They come to the gigs
They wanna see you rock'n'roll

Your life is full of action
Your life is full of sound
A rock'n'roll magic man
Stamp your feet big man in town

You know you're an idol
The leader of the gang
A juvenile's hero

Turn on the lights
There's no end in sight

Flash rockin' man
Flash rockin' man

They wanna feel your volume
They wanna live your life
They wanna be like you
Every day and every night

You're walking down the alleys
You're a famous man
Immortal so damn holy

Turn on the lights
Show us tonight - yes tonight

Flash rockin' man
Flash rockin' man
Flash rockin' man

You've been behind the scenes
And the fools laughed so loud
You are a well known man
But alone I n the crowd

Tormented and mistreated
Deal everyday
A servant of the yes-men
If the people knew what would they say

You know what it's like
So turn off the lights

Flash rockin' man
Flash rockin' man
Flash rockin' man
Flash rockin' man

Accept - Flash Rockin Man
Accept - Flash Rockin' Man (1982)
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